Thursday, February 23, 2006

Leonardo Sciascia

The NYRB Press is bringing back into print the translations of Leonardo Sciascia (a gift to the reading public). Sciascia had a few mainstream hardcover publications in the U.S. in the 60s, and there was actually a mass-market paperback of one novel (retitled as "Mafia Vendetta"), and then Godine published The Day of the Owl and Equal Danger together as one of their "Double-detective" books (collector's items now, I think).
But the new editions are very nice--NYRB Press does a good job with their reprints (the U.K. editions that were the only source for One Way or Another and The Moro Affair, and some of the others for a long time were cheaply printed and aged very quickly).
Vintage has had the wisdom to keep the collecction Open Doors in print for some time (the last of the books to become available in English, but the one most constantly in print lately). Having the Sciascias available again raises the tone of the genre. And gives me an excuse to go back and read them again, and report on them here.

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