Wednesday, August 10, 2005

publishers of international noir in English

There are several publishers who dedicate a lot of attention to international crime novels. In the U.K., Canongate, Serpent's Tail, Bitter Lemon, Arcadia (particularly their Eurocrime series), and Harvill (whose books are sometimes released in mass market paperbacks by Vintage) in particular have very strong lists (and Bitter Lemon has dedicated itself mostly to international Noir. In the U.S., beyond the local distribution of some of the above U.K. presses, Soho Press is particularly good, including novels from or about Italy, Australia, China, Korea, and elsewhere. The New Press has published the excellent Swedish series by Henning Mankell, featuring the detective Kurt Wallander and now his policewoman daughter Linda Wallander (these are published by Harvill in England). Over the years, Walker and Pantheon have published many international mysteries, though not so prominently recently. Perhaps readers can offer other publishers to check out?

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Exactly the information I was looking for - thanks so much. I love the Internet!