Thursday, March 09, 2006

upcoming scandinavian, italian, french, more

Just a hint of what's coming out (and what will be appearing here in the near future):
Arnaldur Indridason (Iceland): Voices
Tonino Benacquista (France): Framed
Luca Di Fulvio (Italy): The Mannequin Man
Gianrico Carofiglio (Italy): A Walk in the Dark
Matti Joensuu (Finland): The Priest of Evil
Jo Nesbo (Norway): The Devil's Star
Dominique Manotti (France): Dead Horsemeat
Anders Roslund (Sweden): The Beast
Giampero Rigosi (Italy): Night Bus
Kjell Eriksson (Sweden): The Princess of Burundi
Fred Vargas (France): The Three Evangelists

This is a sudden glut of novels that I've been either waiting for their publication dates or have just discovered while foraging through Amazon,, and Bookfinder. Is there any significance to the fact that only 2 of the authors are women (and both of those French)? Manotti and Vargas (that's a pseudonym) are the 2 among this group. Though there are a number of women working in the noir tradition, these are the only ones in this crop. Of course there's also Helene Tursten's The Torso, which I haven't included but will be out this summer (from Soho Press), so maybe this is a very small, mostly male window on noir...

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Anonymous said...

Scandinavian female authors - also Asa Larsson - Sun Storm (Apr), Anne Holt - What Is Mine (Jul) and Liza Marklund - Prime Time (Sep). The Three Evangelists is marvellous btw.