Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Scandinavians

Had a reply to my recent post on (mostly) male Scandinavians: "Asa Larsson - Sun Storm (Apr), Anne Holt - What Is Mine (Jul) and Liza Marklund - Prime Time (Sep)." I don't think of Marklund as "noir," more of a mainstream thriller kind of thing. Still, it's another female voice in the stream of Scandinavian crime fiction that's coming out now. I don't know Larsson but look forward to that and to the Holt. The new Tursten novel (The Torso) has some of the same problems as her first novel in English--due to (I presume) the translation. The text is a bit wooden in English, but the novel's forward movement is only impeded a bit. More later--I haven't finished the book yet.

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