Wednesday, October 21, 2009

around the world in crime fiction internet radio show

Courtesy of crime author Leighton Gage, here's info about an upcoming Internet Radio show he's hosting, Around the World in Crime Fiction: This Saturday, October 24th, at 12:30 PM Eastern U.S. time, Yrsa Sigurdardóttir, Stan Trollip (half of the writing duo of Michael Stanley), Cara Black and Stuart Neville will be joining Gage to talk about mysteries set outside the United States. Listeners can call in with questions. Just go to and type "Leighton Gage" into the site's search function. And, if listeners sign up (it doesn't cost anything) the site will automatically convert the air time into their own time zones, wherever they might be. (Yes, Europe, Asia and Australia too.)

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Leighton Gage said...

Thank you, Glenn, for the mention.
I'm looking forward to this thing as a new experience. I hope you'll have the time to tune in.