Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spam in your comments?

Does anyone else (using Blogspot or other blog sites) have trouble with spammers inserting themselves into your comments? I'm getting three or four of these a day, some in English and some in Chinese and other languages. It's not too difficult to prevent them getting through, with the moderation tools, but it's still annoying to have that many trying to get posted every day. Any thoughts on how prevalent this is, or on what to do about it?


Dorte H said...

Oh yes, and when I had received a handful of comments, probably sex links, I began modifying my comments. Annoying for all my kind and well-meaning readers, but I don´t want it around.

Bernadette said...

Yeah I get them too - wordpress seems to have a better spam catcher than blogger though and I haven't needed to introduce comment moderation on my wordpress blog (whereas my two blogger blogs have comment moderation enabled)

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I turned on Blogger's comment moderation system, so I can purge such crap before it ever reaches The Rap Sheet. It's worked out well.


Chad Eagleton said...

What do you have your comment moderation set to? Up it one notch and see if that helps. If not keep upping. There's always no comments without approval.

Maxine Clarke said...

I find both Wordpress and Typepad have much better spam catchers than Google/Blogger - without making it annoying for the person trying to comment weighing through oddles of barbed wire first. But I am sure you dont want to change your blog platform - I did (from Blogger to Typepad) after I had been blogging for about 4 months, and I don't regret it - but it is a hassle and you have to change your URL. I found that I could export the blog posts to the new blog easily enough but not the comments, ironically.

Glenn Harper said...

Thanks for all the comments on comments--I'm going to add word verification for a while to get the spam reduced--I apologize for adding a hurdle to commenters, and I'll probably turn it off after a while.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I've had to resort to comment moderation, adjusting the threshold for moderation to kick in as spammers' tactics varied. One recent burst of spammers had apparently developed the neat trick of bypassing e-mail norification. I responded by enabling moderation for all comments.
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Dave Riley said...

Blogger protection is not good enough. Too labour intensive and erratic. I recommend installing Intense Debate
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You'll still keep your old comment threads and new ones will live in exactly the same place as before installation.It also offers comments on particular comments rather than just consecutive comments.And there are full review options if you think you missed allowing some comments through.