Thursday, May 20, 2010

Global tour of noir

The friendly folks at the Wicked Writers blog (click here posted a sort of "world tour" of edited posts from this blog (one book to a continent) yesterday. Thanks to Supriya Savkoor, one of the "wicked writers" for offering to put up the post. I edited most of the posts down to about a third of their original length, to keep the "tour" down to a reasonable leangth--does that mean that my posts are three times as long as they should be?


Maxine Clarke said...

Well, Glenn, now I know what you look like ;-). I liked the edited-down versions but I also like reading the full-text here. As a professional editor myself, I (and my colleagues) always say that there is nothing that can't be shortened. But, if the reader is more interested than busy, longer versions work too!
I think your reviews here are of the perfect length, and I always like reading them. Many is the novel I have read as a result of reading your review of it (like you, I am particularly keen on translated crime fiction, I like the filter it seems to provide).

It is quite fun to edit down one's reviews, though. I enjoyed cutting down my reviews of Stieg Larsson's trilogy (written 2.5 years apart) into one composite post!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing your consolidated reviews with us over at Wicked. It was great having you blog with us and reading your insights on some terrific works. I know I'll be buying more than a few of them!