Saturday, July 24, 2010

CBS Cancels The Bridge

The Bridge may not have been the best ever TV cop show, but it was ambitious and very well written and acted. CBS waited a year after originally buying the show (produced by Canada's CTV network) to run it, then only let 2 episodes run. There are two other Canadian cop shows running on U.S. TV, Rookie Blue on ABC and Flashpoint on CBS, but OK, but both formulaic and episodic. The Bridge was a continuous story arc concerning a detective who becomes head of the police union in Toronto. No sexy 20-year old cops, the cast was age-appropriate and believably diverse (Aaron Douglas, pictured, was the central character). CBS parked it on Saturday night and did no promotion, and then was surprised when it didn't do well. If anybody has any suggestions for how to get acccess to the Canadian feed of this very good show, please let me know. If anybody has access to CBS, please let us know who to complain to (though it's not likely to do much good). I believe that the excellent Canadian crime writer John McFetridge was one of the writers on The Bridge, an indication of the excellence of the scripts. Too good for broadcast TV, The Bridge should probably have been on cable to start with, and its numbers would have been respectable there. Oh well, another good one bites the dust...

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